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Day Care Services in Hertford, NC

Is your child ready for more socialization opportunities with their peers? Do you want to ensure they’re prepared for their eventual first day of kindergarten? If so, work with a day care center that’s focused on early childhood development and faith-based curriculum. At Faith Child Development Center, we’re dedicated to bettering your children and preparing them to be moral, upstanding citizens. If you live in or around Hertford, NC, trust our team to provide the care and education your kids need to be a cut above the rest.

Five-Star Child Care Center

When you choose to invest in day care services that are focused on educating your child and teaching them social skills, you want to know that you’re leaving them with a team that has the right qualifications. Our child care center has a five-star rating from the Division of Child Development and Early Education. This rating is based on our staff education and individual program standards. We pride ourselves on having a staff that has the training necessary to make a positive impact on your children’s lives. All of our programs are focused on bringing kids closer to Christ while honing tangible skills and early childhood development practices.

Low Class Ratios

Whether it’s at school or at their day care center, you never want your child to be just another face in the crowd. You want to know that your kids are receiving the attention and individual care they need to learn and grow. At Faith Child Development Center, we believe in maintaining low class ratios to ensure that each of our students has the ability to receive one-on-one time with a member of our staff. Parents and caregivers in the Hertford area count on us to create and maintain an environment where their child feels valued and sees their value in the eyes of Jesus Christ.

Faith-Focused Services

Is it important for your child to have a strong connection to their faith? Do you feel that they could benefit from interacting with children and adults who find joy in the love of Christ? If so, our day care center takes a faith-based approach to our curriculum and day-to-day care. While we offer guidance in alignment with the state educational system, we also make time to talk about the benefit of a relationship with Jesus Christ. When your child is in our care, they’ll learn and be brought closer to a fulfilling life walking alongside our Lord and Savior. 

Contact Us Today and Ask About Our Services

When you need day care services that are focused on early childhood development and faith-based instruction, visit us at Faith Child Development Center. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to visit our child care center.

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